• Image of Harmony Bag

STRAP ALERT! In this rare sighting we see a bag with a strap. A long strap. This over the shoulder bag has leather lacing and long cross body adjustable strap. The Harmony bag is a medium sized bag that can handle Big phones and wallets or even a small tablet. Good for those of us that need all the arms we can get.


These classic leather bags are sized just right to keep accumulation at a minimum, and your hands free to roam once it's tucked under your wing. Each bag is completely unique using the original cut of the leather to guide the shape of each piece.

Leather gets better with age. As you carry your Thomboy bag around it will get scratched and weathered. It will get softer and change colors from the oils in your skin. This makes a bag unique to you.

No machines were used in the making of these bags.
Handmade in California, USA by Anne Dezort.

More photos available upon request.

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